Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kimchi jjigae

kimchi jjigae -

Kimchi jjigae is Korean food in the form of spicy soup boiled in a pan with kimchi and chili water from kimchi. This soup contains vegetables (chicory, spring onions), tofu, and seafood or pork.

Kimchi jjigae is a dish that Korean people often make at home as a side dish of rice friends. The ingredients for the soup are easy to come by, and make it not difficult. The sour kimchi produces the soup with a strong aroma and usually gets better. Kimchi sellers generally distinguish between new kimchi and sour kimchi that have been fermented for longer.

This soup is served in the middle of the table with a pan with a complement of banchans. The pot is usually large enough to contain enough soup to be eaten together by two or more people. In the restaurant, the soup is also served in a small ceramic pot (ttukbaegi, 뚝배기) for a portion of one person.