Wednesday, June 6, 2018

kerststol -

Kerststol is a traditional Dutch bread sprinkled with candied peel, raisins, powdered sugar and eaten at Christmas time. Bread that contains almond paste is called "stol". If not, just ordinary Christmas bread. During the December holidays, the kerststol will be part of breakfast or brunch and can be offered to guests as a substitute for a cake, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea.

This cake is made from bread-yeast dough with dried fruits, raisins, lemon zest and oranges, water, milk, butter, sugar, vanilla, brandy and cinnamon.

Sometimes, more luxurious variations include chopped walnuts, almonds, or hazel nuts. Ginger powder or grated ginger, dried cherries and cranberries, apples, kiwi or cardamom can also be added to the cake batter.

The pastry dough, after being silenced is filled with almond paste (amandelspijs)] placed in the middle of the cake. The dough is folded over an almond paste, elongated and gently pinched to cover. When it is ready, the cake is sprinkled with cold sugar before serving, cut in thick and spread with butter.

This type of cake is also available for Easter, called paasstol or paasbrood.