Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Kepuh or kelumpang (Sterculia foetida) is a kind of distant relative kapok kapok tree. Tall with large trunks looming, the tree is often found in coastal forests. In Bali as well as in Java, these fast growing trees are commonly found in cemeteries.

Other names, including halumpang (Bat.); kĕpoh, kolèangka (Sd.); kepuh, kepoh, jangkang (Jw.); jhangkang, kekompang (Md.); kepuh, kepah, kekepahan (Bal.); kepoh, kelompang, kapaka, wuka, wukak (languages in NTT); bungoro, kalumpang (Mak.); alumpang, alupang, kalupa (Bug.); kailupa furu, kailupa buru (North Maluku); and others. Also referred to as kabu-kabu, kalupat, lepong, kelumpang finger.

The name of his name is taken from Sterculius or Sterquilinus, the name of the fertilizer god in Roman mythology. Along with the species name, foetida (that is, smelling, rotten), its scientific name refers to the unpleasant odor issued by this tree, especially its flowers.