Monday, June 25, 2018


imperata -

Imperata, grass or weeds (Imperata cylindrica Raeusch.) Is a kind of sharp-leaved grass, which often weeds on farmland. This grass is also known by the names of the areas such as alalang, halalang (Bjn, Min.), Tares (Mly., Md., Bl.), Eurih (Sd.), Rih (Bat.), Jih (Gayo), re (Sasi, Sumbawa), rii, kii, ki (Flores), rie (Tanimbar), reya (South Sulawesi), eri, weri, weli (Ambon and Seram), kusu- kusu (Menado, Ternate and Tidore), nguusu Halmahera), wusu, wutsu (Sumba) and others.

Its scientific name is Imperata cylindrica, and placed in a child of the Panicoideae tribe. In English known as bladygrass, cogongrass, speargrass, silver-spike or generally called satintail, refers to the florist of the white-haired flowers. The Dutch named him snijgras, because the sharp side of his leaves wounded.