Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Herbs medicine

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Herbs medicine is a drug that is organic or natural, just like our body. Pure herbal medicines are taken from plant extracts that have benefits for treatment, without any mixture of artificial (synthetic) chemicals and no animal mixture.

Medicinal Herbs should come from plants (vegetable) such as ginger, temulawak, turmeric, garlic, ginseng and others. If a drug already contains animals then it can not be referred to as herbs anymore, but included in the category of Traditional Medicines / Herbs that can still be mixed with materials derived from animals such as eggs or tripang.

Today, with the rapid development of medical technology and the increasing number of research research related to pharmaceuticals, it is increasingly opening our eyes that nature has naturally provided medicinal efficacy for various diseases (in accordance with the efficacy of medicinal plants known empirically or research).

In Indonesia whose abundant biodiversity, herbal medicines are not hard to find. Although herbal-based drugs generally do not cause negative side effects, but there are some materials that cause negative side effects. Herbal treatment is more trusted by most people of Indonesia because of the use of synthetic chemical drugs, gradually can cause side effects on the human body.

Many types of herbal remedies, ranging from herbs to beauty treatments, health care, herbs to maintain household harmony, to herbs for the treatment of special diseases.