Sunday, June 17, 2018

haejangguk -

Haejangguk (해장국) is a type of woof. In ancient times, haejangguk eaten to awaken themselves from the feeling of hangover due to drink sul, so called also sulguk ("liquor soup").

Over time, haejangguk known as a popular dish at night. Haejangguk written in the Joseon Dynasty cookbook of the 1600s with a name seongjutang diantap to awaken people from drunk. Although originally from Joseon, the original recipe is unknown.

How to cook varies by region. The people of Seoul add to doenjang, bovine bone, chinese cola, and fresh blood. In Jeonju, the vegetables are cooked with sprouts and gravy from broth, egg, and jeotgal. In contrast to other hot boiled areas, in Uljin, haejangguk plus fresh squid are cut thinly like noodles, seasoned and eaten with cold sauce and ice cubes, so be cool haejangguk.