Wednesday, June 6, 2018

gugelhupf -

Gugelhupf or Kugelhupf is a typical German cake originating from the south, Austria, Switzerland and Alsatia. In the United States, this cake is known as Bundt Cake. Gugelhupf consists of a layer of dough with raisins and almonds and in its special dish in America is also called Bundt Pan.
gugelhupf -

Bundt Pan is a popular cake in the United States and was created based on a similar German recipe in 1950 by David Dahlquist of the Nordic Ware company. Initially named Bund Pan, then he added "t" at the end of the word to Bundt Pan as the product brand. 

Bundt Pan became widely known until 1966 when one of the winners of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest uses Bundt Pan for its champion menu. Currently, more than 1 million Pan Bunds are sold each year in the United States.