Thursday, June 21, 2018

glaucoma -

Glaucoma is one type of eye disease with indirect symptoms, which gradually cause eyesight eyesight will decrease more and eventually the eyes will become blind.

This is because the fluid channel coming out of the eyeball is blocked so that the eyeball will enlarge and the eyeball will suppress the nerve of the eye that is behind the eyeball that eventually the eye nerve does not get blood flow so that the eye nerve will die.

The main cause of glaucoma is increased eyeball pressure above 20mmHg, other causes are hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Although rarely can also be caused by unstable emotions, migraines, narrowing of blood vessels and others.

 Eyeball pressure above normal that will continue to damage the visual nerve, but often not realized by the patient, because the damage little by little, therefore need eye examination, if it has aged 40 years and over. Eyeball pressure above normal in the early stages will be given eye drops to lower the pressure of the eyeball to normal.