Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Giri choco

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Giri choco (義理 ?) Is a relatively inexpensive chocolate gift that is generally given by women to men as an obligation on Valentine's Day in Japan. Giri choco recipient men, for example: male colleagues, boys at school.

Giri choco may be given to unwelcome men, as a way of maintaining harmony between human relationships. Contrary to giri choco given without love, honmei choco is only given a woman to a man she really loves. The White Day of March 14 is an opportunity for Japanese men to do okaeshi by rewarding the chocolates she receives on Valentine's Day,

Though not mentioning Valentine's Day, Morozoff brown ad in English newspaper The Japan Advertiser February 12, 1936 invites people to give a gift box of chocolates Morozoff for "your Valentine" (your lover). After the chocolate companies Fujiya and Morinaga advertise Valentine's Day as "The Day of Women Sending Chocolate to Men", the tradition of giving chocolate gifts to the beloved man eventually widened in Japan in the 1950s. At the same time, the term giri choco is given by the office lady to a male co-worker at the office.