Sunday, June 17, 2018

galbi -

Galbi or Galbi-gui is a Korean dish of roast beef ribs cut short. In Korean, galbi means ribs (short ribs) or meat around the ribs. Sometimes, these foods can also be made with pork ribs.

Galbi can be seasoned or cooked without seasoning. When seasoned, ribs are usually soaked in sauce made from pear juice of Asia, rice wine, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and sugar. This sauce can be made more spicy or more crisp according to taste.

When baked, rib meat is usually sliced ​​along the bone. This is so that the sauce can seep into the meat more quickly, the meat can mature faster, and meat can be more easily consumed with chopsticks after ripe. In Korea and some other countries, rib meat for sliced ​​galbi has been available in supermarkets and butchers.

Kalbi is usually served in a restaurant known as galbijip (galbi house). Visitors grill their own galbi meat above the toaster that is on each table. The meat is then wrapped in lettuce, perilla leaf, or other vegetable leaves. Before being eaten, leaf-wrapped meat is dipped first in ssamjang, a sauce made from a mixture of soy bean paste and red pepper.