Monday, June 11, 2018

christollen -

Stollen or Christollen is a typical German cake made of yeast dough with sweet taste and filled with dried fruit, nuts and marzipan and sugar sprinkles. The history of stollen in Germany has begun since 1329.

The most famous type and can be found in many supermarkets is Dresdner Christollen. This cake comes from the city of Dresden, Germany and is formed with an oval base and wavy in the middle that symbolizes the baby Jesus in layers of clothing. Stollen is a typical Christmas Day dish and was originally made as a snack during the advent of fasting.

The first time this cake appeared in Naumburg (Saale) in 1329. Stolleh has been sold at the Dresden Christmas Market since the 15th century. At first this cake has a characteristic flavor that is tasteless, made with a mixture of flour dough, water and oats, but now has turned into a loaf-shaped cake that has a distinctive flavor.

Butter, raisins, and lemon juice are mixed with yeast dough and baked, then sprinkled with refined sugar. The contents can vary from marzipan, popi seeds, dairy products or beans. Every year in the city of Dresden, the Stollen Festival is held by making a gigantic Stollen weighing 3000-4000 kg and distributed to city dwellers and festival visitors.