Tuesday, June 12, 2018


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Chawanmushi (茶碗 steamed bowl?) Is a Japanese food made from a mixture of chicken eggs and dashi steamed in a bowl. This meal is served with a bowl and eaten as an appetizer.

At the bottom of the bowl is placed a flavoring flavor like mitsuba leaves, shiitake mushrooms, ginkgo biloba seeds that have been peeled, kamaboko, shrimp, or chicken meat. Mixed eggs and dashi are poured slowly into the bowl to avoid foaming or foaming.

How to make and how to steam requires special attention so that in the mature Chawanmushi not found froth. Eggs mixed with dashi in a way messed up and not over-whipped. Cover the steamed bowl with a cloth and should be stretched slightly while steaming for the egg not to become too hard.

Chawanmushi has been known in Japan since ancient times. It is an all season meal, served cold in the summer or when it's still warm in winter. Chawanmushi's gentle chest like custard pudding is a favorite of children and the elderly.

Chawanmushi in which mixed udon is called Odamaki mushi (Odamaki udon).