Thursday, June 7, 2018

biryani -

Biryani (Nasta'liq: بریانی; Hindi: बिरयानी) or "Biriani" / "Beriani" is a dish of rice (usually from "Basmati" rice) cooked with spices and then added with vegetables, or meat (chicken, , fish, shrimp or beef). This food comes from South Asia (India and Pakistan).

In Indonesia and Malaysia, this dish is called by the addition of the word rice (biryani rice, briyani rice, briani rice, or rice beriani). The name of this dish ("Biryani") comes from Persian, beryā (n) (بریان) which means fried or grilled. In ancient times, the rice was fried in samin oil before boiled in water with half-cooked spices.

Biryani is made from rice that has been boiled in a separate pan. After the rice is cooked, the rice is mixed with spiced broth, sealed in a pan, and cooked until cooked until the broth is absorbed into the rice. Biryani is different from Pullao (pilaf) in cooking. When cooking Pullao, fried rice with spices in samin oil, and cooked immediately until cooked.

Travelers and traders from the Persian nation introduced a way of cooking biryani to Indians and Pakistanis. This dish is not only popular in India and Pakistan, but also in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and among the Muslim population of Sri Lanka.