Monday, June 25, 2018

Betel (sirih )
betel -

Betel is a native Indonesian plant that grows propagate or leaning on other tree trunks. As a culture of leaves and fruit commonly chewed with gambier, areca nut, tobacco and lime. But chewing betel has been associated with oral cancer and the formation of squamous cell carcinoma that is malignant.

Also the chalk mebuat shrinkage of gums (periodentitis) that can make the teeth dated, although the betel leaf containing antiseptic to prevent cavities.

Betel is used as a medicinal plant (fitofarmaka); very instrumental in the life and various ceremonies of the Malay clan.

In Indonesia, sirih is a flora typical of Riau Islands province. The people of Riau Archipelago strongly uphold the culture of the betel meal ceremony, especially during the welcoming ceremony of the guests and using the betel as a medicine for various types of diseases. However, many betel plants are found throughout Indonesia, used or just as an ornamental plant.