Friday, June 8, 2018

Benefits of teak leaves for health

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Benefits of teak leaves for health

Here's a complete explanation of some of the benefits of teak leaves for health of the body are as follows:

1. Can lower cholesterol

For you cholesterol sufferers, teak leaves can be used as an alternative to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Various content on teak leaves namely saponins, tannins and quercetin have the function of lowering cholesterol levels.

Saponin content has the function of removing various plaques inside the vessels, but it can widen the blood vessels that membua blood circulation will be smooth. Tannin content has a function as a drawer in the absorption of nutrients so that fat will not be absorbed much by the body. While quercetin content has a function in improving the performance of metabolic processes caused due to enzyme lipase from quercetin.

2. Lowering Hypertension

Teak leaves have the benefit of lowering blood pressure. Saponin compounds in teak leaves have a function as an antioxidant. Saponins can describe a variety of plaques that are in the blood vessels, plaque is the cause of the occurrence of hypertension.

Therefore, the content of saponins can reduce hypertension, but it can accelerate the flow of blood circulation in the body. How to use teak leaves to reduce hypertension is to boil the teak leaves and drink boiled water teak leaves. Keep in mind not only by consuming decoction of teak leaves can reduce hypertension of course must be balanced with maintaining lifestyle, diligent exercise and nutrient-rich food consumption.

3. Prevent anemia

By consuming decoction of teak leaves can be used as an herbal drink prevention anemia. Anemia is a condition where the lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood.

Usually anemia sufferers very easily weak. Anemia can be prevented by consuming foods that will be iron so that the formation of red blood cells will be met by consuming lots of iron. One of them is by consuming decoction of teak leaves.

4. Can lose weight

For those of you who are on a diet, it turns out teak leaves have benefits to lose weight. By consuming teak beverage drinks, the weight can go down. Surely it must keep up with the exercise and consumption of foods rich in fiber.

The content of tannin on teak leaves has a function as a barrier in the process of digestion of food in the body so that fat can not be surrendered by the body and issued through the digestive system in the form of feces.

5. Can be a wound healer

Based on the journal "Evaluation of Tectona grandis leaves for wound healing activity" that extracts on teak leaves when compared with aloe vera extracts more functioning teak leaves in wound healing. From the results of this study can be said that teak leaf extract if applied to the wound it will have the potential in healing wounds.

In addition to the 5 benefits of teak leaves have many other benefits for the health of the body. Some other benefits of teak leaves is that it can overcome diabetes, can circulate blood circulation, very good for various indigestion such as diarrhea, very good to overcome various diseases in kidney and many other benefits that can be felt from consuming teak leaf. So many discussions about the benefits of teak leaves. Hope can provide many benefits. Keep health and consumption of nutritious foods.