Friday, June 8, 2018

Benefits of dandelion for health
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Benefits of dandelion for health

1. Maintaining Bone Health

The high content of calcium in it is useful to maintain bone health, prevent bone loss is useful to maintain bone density

2. Smooth the digestive system

This flower is able to increase appetite and useful to launch the digestive system so that the digestive organs become healthy and protected from various problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.

3. Reduce the risk of Liver Disease

High antioxidants and vitamin C in it is useful to combat toxins in the liver, in addition both the content is useful to maximize liver function and can regulate the production of bile.

4. Fight cancer

Dandelion flower leaves have a high phytonutrient content that has the ability to prevent and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

5. Boost the immune system

This plant plays a very effective role to combat infections caused by microbes and harmful fungi that can lower the immune system or immunity.

6. Lowering Blood Pressure

Its diuretic properties are useful for maintaining blood pressure, on the other hand there is also potassium and fiber content that serves to smooth blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure.

7. Reduce acne

Consuming dandelion tea is useful to reduce acne and smoothing the skin because the content of fitronutrien in it plays to remove dead skin cells and play a role to remove acne causing dirt.

8. Lose Weight

The nature of the natural diuretic is useful to launch the digestive system so that it is beneficial to smooth the urine and defecate, the more fat released through the dirt will lose weight naturally.

Dandelion can indeed be processed into traditional medicine, such as dandelion tea. However, this plant can cause allergies for some people so consult a doctor before taking it.