Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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Barbecue (also called barbecue or BBQ) is a term that refers to either baked cooking techniques or special roasting equipment.

The common acceptable difference between barbecue and roasting is from baking time and the type of heat used. Roasting is usually done in a short period of time using medium-to-high direct heat flame, while barbecue is done for a longer period of time using indirect heat, in this way the food gets the flavor and taste typical through the curing process.
barbecue -

The term barbecue, when used as a noun, can refer to meat cooked in this way, or refers to a means to cook in this way ("barbecue grill" or simply "barbecue"). If used as an adjective, barbecue refers to food cooked in this way.

The term is also used as a verb to mention the act of cooking food in this way. Grilling is usually done in an outdoor environment with bloat meat on wood or charcoal.
barbecue -

Barbecue restaurants usually cook this dish by using a large brick or metal oven specifically designed for that purpose. Barbecue has many regional variations and is practiced in many areas of the world.