Monday, June 25, 2018

bangle -

Bangle (Zingiber montanum (J.König) Link ex A.Dietr. = Syn Zingiber cassumunar, syn. Z. purpureum Roxb.) Is one of the spice plants of tribe-temu-ketemuan (Zingiberaceae) members. Rimpangnya used as a spice kitchen and treatment materials. This plant is known in various places with various names: mungle (Aceh), bungle (Tapanuli), kunik bolai (Rana Minang), banglee'iy (Rejang), panglai (Pasundan / Sunda), pandhiyang (Madura), bale (Makassar) , panini (Bugis), unin makei (Ambon).

Bangle is found in the tropical south Indian region and Southeast Asia such as: vietnam, thailand, malaysia, indonesia, myanmar, laos and frangipani.

Bangle grows in tropical Asia, from India to Indonesia. In Java is cultivated or planted in the yard in places where enough sunlight, ranging from lowlands to 1300 m dpi. In the stagnant or muddy soil, its growth will be disturbed and the rhizome quickly decomposes.

Herbaceous annuals, grow upright, 1-1.5 m high, forming clumps rather dense, quasi-trunked, consisting of the lane leaf midrib ends haired brush. Single leaf, layout. Leaves of oval leaves, thin, pointed tip, blunt base, flat edge, smooth hair, sparse, pinnate repeating, 23-35 cm long, 20-40 mm wide, green color. The flowers are compound interest, the form of bunches, out at the end of the stem, the length of the handle to 20 cm.

The flower-shaped part is oval or spindle-shaped, 6-10 cm long, 4-5 cm wide. The leaves of the petals are arranged like thick scales, petals form the tube, the tip is serrated three, the red color is lit. Flower lips round shape elongated, white or pale color. Bangle has a spreading and fleshy rhizomes, almost circular to jorong or irregular, 2-5 mm thick.

The outer surface is uneven, wrinkled, sometimes with grated leaves, light yellowish brown, when split in light yellow to brownish yellow. It does not feel good, spicy and bitter. Bangle is classified as a spice that has medicinal properties. Harvesting is done after the plant is one year old. Propagation by rhizome cuttings.