Sunday, June 24, 2018

arrogant -

Arrogant, derived from the arrogant word (English: pride, Latin: superbia), is a feeling or emotion in the heart that can refer to two general meanings.

In a negative connotation it usually refers to a feeling of increasing one's status or achievement, often called "arrogance". Whereas in a positive connotation refers to a person's self-satisfaction towards one's own actions or preferences, or to another, or to a social group; can be regarded as a derivative product of praise, self-reflection, or a sense of belonging that is fulfilled.

Social philosophers and psychologists have observed that pride is a complex secondary emotion, requiring the development of a personal feeling and mastery of relevant conceptual differences (eg distinguishing the pride of happiness and joy) through verbal interaction with others. Some social psychologists also identify it related to a signal of high social status.