Tuesday, June 19, 2018


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Anpan ( or ?) Is a sweetbread with red peanut butter.
Bread is not a food commonly eaten by Japanese before, but now there are many types of bread that are typical Japanese food, such as melonpan, kurimu pan, herb pan, koshian-pan, ogura an-pan, sakura an-pan, korone, and others. 

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This may be because Japanese people are good at introducing food traditions from other countries and adapting them to suit the tastes of Japanese.

anpan  - www.healhtnote25.com

An-pan was created in 1874, by the owner of kimuraya bread in Tokyo's Ginza district. originally Kimura Yasube'e, the name of the shopkeeper tries to make bread that suits the tastes of the Japanese. Then by taking the idea of steamed manju which is a typical Japanese food, gotten the bread is soft, sweet, easy to eat and also suits the tastes of the Japanese.