Saturday, June 16, 2018

amok -

In the culinary treasures of mainland Southeast Asia, the term "mok", "amok" or "ho mok" refers to the cooking process by steaming a kind of curry bersantan wrapped in a container or banana leaf packaging, or also referring to the resulting dish.

Seasonings and materials commonly used include thick coconut milk and galangal, plus various types of vegetables and staples. Amok is considered a national dish of Cambodia, and is also popular in Laos and Thailand. Thai version of Thai Haw Mok uses the same Thai curry mixture with red curry spice.

Amok generally is a kind of thick soup made from a mixture of fish or meat, vegetables, eggs, in a thick coconut milk. This dish is commonly sold in restaurants in Cambodia. This type of amok is distinguished on the basis of its basic ingredients; such as fish amok, amok beef, and chicken amok. Amok is usually eaten with white rice. [3] [4] The closest analogy to Indonesian dishes is, the taste of this dish is similar to vegetable lodeh or opor, but the texture is more viscous or dry.