Monday, March 11, 2019


Lalap is the usual vegetables served with Indonesian cuisine. Lalap-like salad, which is common in western food, though so typical for salads is that vegetables are not eaten with sauce (dressings) or spices. Traditional lalap ate with rice and other side dishes (fried chicken, fried fish, chilli, and so on).

Commonly used vegetables include lettuce, long beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, papaya leaves, cassava leaves, and basil. These vegetables are usually served in raw conditions or for vegetables such as cassava leaves and papaya leaves previously boiled first. Because it consists of many vegetables that have not cooked, it contains lots of fiber that is good for digestion.

 Lalap many on sale in street vendors as part of the menu fried chicken, fried catfish tofu tempeh and served with sambel terasi tomato. Lalap to be eaten raw should be washed first to remove the existing pesticide residues, especially fresh vegetables from intensive cultivation.