Monday, March 11, 2019


Doclang is a traditional food of Bogor made from lontong with spicy peanut spices. In Bogor itself this food is increasingly difficult to find. These foods are usually sold around from one area to another by the way borne.

Doclang itself includes simple food. Food that is generally eaten at breakfast consists of large sliced lontong slices wrapped in leaves patat, potatoes, tofu, crackers, and boiled eggs. Various ingredients are then sprinkled with peanut sauce mixed with various kinds of spices. Then, these ingredients plus soy sauce, and sauce for those who like spicy.

At this time generally sellers Doclang can be found from morning until noon in residential areas or residents village. But there are also some sellers Doclang menjajakannya with carts available from morning even until afternoon or evening in the area of Jembatan Merah Bogor.