Monday, March 11, 2019


Borondong is a typical Sundanese traditional food, made from glutinous rice or corn which is used as pop corn first. Once the pop corn is cleaned first its shell, then mixed with red sugar or sugarcane kinca formed round or square.

There are two types of borondong namely borondong crisp (dried borondong) and borondong enten. Borondong crisp is made by mixing the kinca with corn / glutinous rice sangan and formed. Borondong enten is made by making first enten from glutinous rice. Enten is a kind of diamond, glutinous rice which is processed with sugar so that it is solid. Enten glutinous rice shaped round and then covered with maize.

To add the aroma to borondong, added perfume from pineapple or mangoes type kweni.

Borondong is served with warm tea as a snack.