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Caramel is a sugar formed from the process of caramelization, resulting in sticky liquid beige to dark brown. Caramel is sometimes formed when cooking candy. Caramel can be used as a perisa in the pudding and a variety of desserts, as candy or chocolate stuffing, or as ice cream topping or custard dishes.

Caramel is formed by heating the sugar at a temperature of 170 ° C (338 ° F). When the sugar melts and reaches its highest temperature, the molecule breaks and forms into a brown sticky liquid. A variety of candies, sweets, and desserts are caramelized, for example in addition to peanut candies, such as praline, nougat, or brittle.
caramel -

Caramel coloring is a dark, unsweetened liquid, concentrated and is a result of close to total caramelization that is used for commercial and industrial needs. Some products such as cola drinks are caramel coloring, and also as food coloring.

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