Monday, March 11, 2019

Kupat Tahu


Kupat Tahu is a traditional Indonesian food made from ketupat, tofu that has been fried, and also peanut seasoning. Lontong can also be used instead of ketupat. There are many types of kupat tahu, but the famous ones are originating from Singaparna, Surakarta and Magelang, the difference lies in the spice and complementary, if the Magelang and Solo version there are slices of cabbage and bakwan and mi and white tofu like Magelang version in Solo version, but in Singaparna version there are bean sprouts that have been boiled.

In addition to these two variations, there is also kupat tahu petis, the difference is in the marinade that uses Petis and added fresh cucumber slices. Kupat knows can also be added with crackers and chilli as an appetite enhancer. One of the most famous I know that I know Kupat Gempol in the area of Pasar Gempol, Bandung.